Sex scene in the movie Parasite

So I finally got around to watching Parasite and absolutely loved it. There were many impactful scenes but one of my favorites was the sex scene. It was just so unnerving and uncomfortable to watch, exactly as it should’ve been. On top of being emotionally effective for the audience, I think it was a really important moment for multiple characters. It also actualized the fetishization of certain aspects of poverty in the very literal sense. I’ve heard that some people feel that the scene was misplaced and didn’t fit in the movie, but I couldn’t disagree more. While I often find myself feeling that sex scenes in non-erotic movies are unnecessary, this was definitely not one of those times. If you’ve seen Parasite, what are your thoughts on this scene?


I don’t even remember any sex scene from this movie I was too scared after the guy living in the basement came up the stairs lol. That being said I suppose it fit right in with the rest of the movie, it didn’t even stand out to me!


I haven’t even heard of this movie. There aren’t many sex scenes in movies that are memorable to me. Maybe the movie “Monster Ball”. And useless movie knowledge/quotes is what primarily fills my head. It may have had to do with Halle Berry. . . MEOW! lol


Perfect scene, I agree.
I got to see the film at an arts theatre in February. I remember the multiple times the audience laughed, shrieked, and gasped!

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