Sexy mythical dreamsss

I am someone that greatly favors fetishes of the mythical aspects, especially when it comes to aliens, succubi, and incubi…however the other night I had a pretty vivid dream of a vampire that was seducing me. During this dream I had pulled down my covers so my shoulders where more exposed and I got chills, but in my half-asleep state it felt like the vampire was biting the space between my shoulder and neck. It felt very exciting and enticing, I actually moaned! Could this be a new fetish of mine? Vampire sex? Hmmmm…if anyone else wants to share their kinky mythical fantasies/dreams/etc, feel free to! Let’s all share our weird fantasies and kinks :drop_of_blood::space_invader::japanese_goblin:


Honestly vampire sex is hot. I have a few fantasy fetishs. Vampires are definitely one of them. A dream of mine is to be wearing a lace dress in a Victorian style big bedroom and a vampire come in and just sweep me off my feet. They say something along the lines of “you will bleed and scream for me but you will never be in pain.” Another fantasy is werewolf’s where me and a partner do it in a forest as their mid transformation. A major and recurring fantasy I have is a succubus/incubus picks me as their prey but never really has sex with me? They just kiss me all over and basically make me like a kiss slave? Just basically working me up and barley even actually getting me off and just kissing me until I get dizzy. Eventually they give me a deep and passionate kiss and I climax form that alone. Also I’ve always wanted to be in like a tentacle hentai lol


That sounds sexy! I can definitely relate to all of those :relaxed: I think about mythical creatures more than I do actual people :sweat_smile:


Honestly I’ve never thought about vampires because blood makes me a little squeamish, ha, but man, that part of my neck and clavicle? One of my favorite spots to get kissed and nibbled on! The neck is the best!