Just a cute cartoon I relate too

So I randomly found this little cute animation on YouTube and honestly I love it.
It’s about a girl who finds erotic fiction and bondage through a local bookstore. At first she is super embarrassed but starts to own it and wear her kinks with pride. I honestly relate to this A LOT. Not only sex but my own sexuality has been super embarrassing. Before I really knew I liked guys I noticed that I started watching more BL and soft Yaoi anime, I started playing games like Mystic Messenger and my heart raced when boys with nice voices said they wanted to date me and called me cute. I remember trying to muster the courage to buy BL or gay romance novels at my local book store. I remember having a panic attack and slumping over the counter is embarrassment as the cashier asked if I was alright :laughing:
Anyway. Cute animation that I really relate too.


Aww, that was so cute!! It took me back to the first time I bought a BDSM related book. I got the first volume of Sunstone at my local comic book store and I was super nervous. They carded me at check out but they were actually really chill about it! The cashier even happened to be a fan of it herself.

Also what you said about Mystic Messenger, that’s cute! Gave me a chuckle. I never played a full route but most of my friends were super into it. I definitely thought it seemed fun and cute!!

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Yeah, I played a bit of Mystic Messenger and other visual novels and like listening to anime boy voice actors do videos on YouTube. Basically any soft gay romance I could read or watch or listen too I was in and it both melted my heart and kinda gave me anxiety lol

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