Writing is hard but fun!

So I’d say I’m a bit of the creative type. Last year I took in drawing on Instagram and about a month ago I took up amateur erotica writing. I just started writing dumb stories and fan fics on tumbler. I’ve only really posted two stories but I’m quite happy with them. (Even though no ones read them yet) it’s still fun. It’s slightly difficult to write about sex when you’ve never actually had it. But I have seen it and can guess. Plus the point of these kinds of stories are meant to make it look like a fantasy. What’s better fantasy then imagination? The only problem is that some things I write I look back and think “is this good?” Granted this is mostly for me and to get it out of my head. But sometimes I look at my writing and think “this doesn’t sound good?” And I over think myself. Again it’s all dumb stories and fan fiction so I don’t know if I’m overreacting or not.
Any advice or tips l? I’ve seen cam girls and sex teachers so one of you has to be a writer lol

Update. I’ve managed to get myself all worked up by accident. And instead of getting off, I’m gonna go write. So hopefully I can occupy my hands with a pencil. Let’s see if being turned on helps my writing skills. Best case scenario I get some good stuff written down and go fuzzy headed and have a passionate night with my vibe.

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Former journalist, ha, so I know that “is this good?” feeling all too well.

Majority of writers think their writing is shit, at least on the first round of writing something. Editing is crucial when it comes to writing. Generally I’ll write something, find parts of it that I see something I like about it, and then rewrite it at least a few times. That’s for things I care about it. Eventually, like any skill, got to the point where I could write copy quickly and turn it around immediately, but that took years to hone that skill.

The real question when writing something is did it make you happy? Did you enjoy writing it, or find something meaningful from writing it? Bad and good are 100% subjective, what one person loves to read someone else thinks it is total crap. So don’t think too hard about it (although majority of us creative types do that all the time so easier said than done, ha), and if you find yourself really questioning a piece, put it down and walk away from it for a bit. Come back to it later. Having a fresh set of eyes can do a lot for editing.


My friend writes fanfic about Harry Potter and Buffy. I think her Buffy one is over 200+ pages long and has many fans. I’m a big writer myself, but I’m more into visual arts than writing. I’ve written skits and sketches that would never be produced because I’m just one person with disabilities so not much I can do.

Most of my YouTube videos in the past were scripted ESPECIALLY my educational ones.

You are your own worst critic and that can sometimes be a good thing. Don’t strive for perfection, but strive to be better the next time you write a story. And hey, if you need an editor, I am my brother’s GRAMMARLY. :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol I’ll keep you in mind! And yeah I’ve only written simple like gay dude stories and I’m currently working on a story about my favorite villain from this horror game series Evil Within. I may actually want to send you a paragraph or two I’m unsure of. Like yeah it’s a “x reader” type thing and it’s about a crazy villain but it’s hard to balance “wow he’s crazy evil and this is hot” and “man that’s kinda messed up” you feel me?

I’m currently watching Resident Evil 3 Remake gameplay! I love horror! Would love to read your stuff sometime. :slight_smile:

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Great! I can dm you the passage or I can finish it and send it then? If you want I can dm my insta so it’s easier to send works and feed back?

Also I’m kinda into RE. I don’t play it cause spiders freak me out (arachnophobia) but I love the stories. Also the last two remakes made the main characters WAY too hot for a zombie apocalypse lmao

For sure! I’m @tallasianchick on everything lol. I have a busy day of editing today.

Also, 10/10 would have an orgy with remake versions of Leon, Ada, Jill, and Claire. How else will anti-feminist neckbeard, mountain dew code red gamers play the game without gratuitous ass shots of Jill crawling on the ground???

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Tbh Jill and Clare are fine. But Keon Sexy Kennedy and Carlos are my personal favorite snacks lol.

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I’m really into girls that look like me. I had Jill’s haircut and Ada is Asian representation. :joy:

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I feel ya. But yeah I agree that RE3 definitely has the sexual stuff cranked up. Some of the monster animations are straight outta deviant art lmao.

Also Ada was a pretty fun character