A sensual read about my two orgasms and overstimulation

So currently I am feeling sexy and confident and here’s why.
So I wanted to use my Ollie some more so I sat down, got my cock ring, lotion (which I like better for just chocking the chicken) and my Ollie and went to work. Unfortunately my first climax snuck up on me. I came and thought welp that’s it. But then I remembered. Cock rings help keep you erect longer. So I looked down and I was still hard. And I was like “okay… screw it lets keep going.” So I got my Ollie and played with the settings. A flipped between high and low and different patterns. It felt so good and kinda felt overwhelming but in a good way. Couple that with a few more strokes and my back was arching! The deep, rumbling of the patterns curled my toes. My legs shook and my breath hitched. I felt my moans and whimpers fall from my mouth like fine wine. It felt so good, not kidding you, I did the freakin Ahegao face! Wait… some of you might not know what that is. Basically I was feeling so good, I opened my mouth and let my tongue fall out as my eyes rolled back. It felt amazing and I could feel theses two voices inside me. One was saying “please! Stop! I can’t… I can’t hold back… I’m going crazy and numb in the head!” And the other was like “so close! So close!” I had finally done it! Each stoke sent chills down my spine and I felt weak and frail like a toy being broken. Each new setting on the Ollie sent weaves of pleasure over me. I had achieved overstimulation! My mind shut down as all thoughts were replaced with bliss. I felt a fire in my core as I reached my first second climax. I exploded in euphoria as my throat couldn’t make any other sound but joyful whimpers. As I almost watched myself feel this, I felt cute. I felt confident. I FELT SEXY!!! If what I just did was a live show with an audience I feel like I’d get a standing ovation!
So yeah it was a good night.


Wow. That was actually a really sensual read. Like I felt that was almost erotic to read?
Hey @tallasianchick think this could be my next story? lol :laughing: