Just cried while getting off.. that’s new

So bit of a mixed bag this session.
I had mainly been reading nsfw concepts on twitter and Instagram and I was SO deep in sub headspace and I was starving for intimacy. My legs kept squeezing together and my breath was so heavy with lots of whining. Turns out luck was on my side cause my favorite nsfw voice actor uploaded a new video. I have such a voice and praise kink and his voice when he says “good boy” it’s fantastic :drooling_face:
So I got my pillows, my Ollie and my lube. I put on my headphones and cranked the audio. Everything was amazing. The lube made my pillow slick so grinding was easy. The classic professor and college student situation. I bit my lip as I felt myself and my grinding got faster. Everything felt so fantastic… until someone knocked on my door and scared the hell outta me but they kindly went away. It ain’t easy getting off while living with others. But I was so deep in my pleasure that I didn’t need to stop cause everything felt so good. I was getting so close and then I started crying? I felt tears in my eyes and my face heat up… my whole life I was told I’d either never have sex cause I’m too sensitive or that I would absolutely cry during sex. I brushed off the first and accepted the second but I didn’t think I’d cry while Just pleasuring myself. It’s a new feeling and I’m not crazy about it. I still finished and felt fantastic but I dunno… crying was never a positive thing for me so to cry while feeling good is new and I don’t like it. Like I don’t know if that means I felt better then usual or if I need to need to get used to it or what. If anyone has any advice or stories I’d appreciate it. I don’t know I just don’t like the feeling and it’d help to know other people do it. I mean I like pulled my own hair but not crazy hard so I don’t think it was a pain thing…

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I cry during masturbation sometimes too, and it definitely tends to happen only around the getting off point. Normally its when I’ve got a lot going on and have lots of emotions. It feels really nice and like my body and mind are processing and clearing out the heavy emotional gunk. Also, crying is one of our body’s only ways to get full hormones out of our body (which is a good very helpful thing)!
Cry on friends!


AMEN! A good cry does the body good.

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