Craziest sex stories!?

I need a pick me up today and what better way too do that than sharing and hearing your wild stories! Wild/crazy is a bright term just like sex; whether it be solo, partnered, group, etc., share them here! MAKE IT JUICY (or not. again, whatever you are comfortable sharing).


I can tell you about the first time I started grinding on pillows.
I stared about a few months ago. I was home alone and wanted to get loud. I had read some articles about grinding and how it feels like riding a person. So, for the first time, I took off my underwear completely and only had my baggy T-Shirt on. I really wanted to let lose. I put on some more dom like porn and grabbed a spare pillow. I scrunched it up and put it in its side, as I got on top with legs on each side. I applied a good amount of location and started grinding. My motions were sloppy and hesitant at first. I was sitting straight up and my hips were slowly picking up speed. As I fully lowered my weight on the pillow I started to feel more. My mind started going fuzzy as my hips picked up speed. My jaw fell open and small whimpers fell from my voice. All this while deep voiced men moaned in my ear, practically growling praise and commands to go faster. My body started moving on it’s own, as I fell to my hands. I practically fell into doggy position. The feeling was incredible. My hips got faster I craved more and more. My mind went almost numb as my arms gave out and I fell to my chest. This new position was everything I was craving. The amazing feeling of my hard on getting that much needed friction as the end of the pillow somehow curled up and started stroke my ass with each thrust. Almost recreating the ideal feeling of actually riding the man of my dreams. Each thrust stroking me in both ways, driving my mind and heat crazy. My face was on fire from the blushing. With my naked ass in the air and such dirty sounds falling from my voice, I felt truly sexy. My breathing was ragged and heavy. My thrusts became desperate. My mind playing imaginary lines from people watching me. “He’s so gorgeous” “he’s such a good boy” “look at him, so desperate” I neared my orgasm as my whimpers turned to moans. I gave in to the imaginary doms and began letting my voice say whatever it wanted. Loud, desperate begging fell from my mouth, as I begged the invisible dom to allow me to cum. I buried my face into the bed as my begging breaths got more and more frantic. My hips moving at speeds I wasn’t sure I was capable of. Then finally my Control was lost and I finally found my climax. My hands gripped the sheets tight as my hips stuttered and twitched as I rode out the feeling. I lifted myself up, almost exhausted and limp. My breath still having that beautiful sub voice to its tone before I got back to my normal octave. The blush still burning my face. My eyelashes fluttering as the invisible doms sung their praise, and then porn did the same. “Good boy… such a good pup. You did so well. You looked so good” and as soon as I cached my breath, I lost it again as my mind posed a question that both excited and terrified me. “What if someone was actually watching you be so beautiful?”

I hope that was crazy enough. I haven’t done anything extreme yet but I hope my erotic writing practice helped made my true story more fun to read.

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I have one, if you don’t mind me taking a bit of liberty! Last year I had surgery on my genitals. As I’m sure you can imagine, not having sex/masturbating for a few months was a very difficult aspect of recovery, although it was to be expected. What I didn’t expect, however, was that I would end up having to try my hardest to avoid even just feeling horny. Quickly after surgery I discovered that even the slightest hint of arousal caused extreme pain in my vulva, and the muscular contractions tugged terribly at my vaginal and perineal stitches. So for the first few weeks I basically just forced myself to be Very Not Horny. One night, about 3 weeks into recovery, my partner asked if I think I’m ready to try being intimate again. I thought “surely it’s been long enough, right? I’ll be fine!” NOPE. I lasted approximately 30 seconds before it felt like my genitals were being torn apart and tears filled my eyes. Full stop. I ended up with a whole host of complications, and a week later at an emergency appointment I found out my vagina tore open. I ended up having to get silver nitrate treatments in my raw vaginal wound (DO NOT RECOMMEND). I’m fine now, I got through it, so I find it a fun story to laugh at. It’s a lot funnier in retrospect!!

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Man that sucks… but at least you fully recovered. I can only imagine how good that first orgasm felt once you fully recovered. I’m sure your partner was very supportive and loving, but I can’t imagine the two of you didn’t break the bed after a full recovery. It reminds me of how I kinda dislocated my leg and wore a brace. When it finally came off I wanted to run miles lol

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