WLW Penetration Issues

Hey y’all. I’m reaching out with regard to WLW information. I have no issues with the size of the toys my wife and I have been implementing in our love sesssions, however, she cannot accommodate the size of our toys (5-6” insertable length, 1-2” girth) and we need assistance with how to help her. I have suggested dilators, but she seems disinterested in using these, as she doesn’t want to have to work up to the size. Does anyone have suggestions that may aid in our situation? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Frau! You are correct, using a dilator set is the easiest way to work up to a bigger size toy. There isn’t really any way to dive in with something bigger that doesn’t include working up to it, whether that be using a dilator, a smaller toy, or even just fingers.

That said, you could work with the toy and depth with something like the Ohnut Depth Buffer. It’s a really cool toy that creates a buffer so you can work up to taking something deeper: Ohnut Custom Penetration Depth Buffer | Spectrum Boutique

My other question would be to ask if you are using plenty of lube and also how much foreplay before using said toy? My gf and I will do a lot of oral and fingering before we use our strap and toy, just because it gets everything relaxed.