Suggestion for toys

Hello. My wife has expressed an interest recently for a large dildo to feel fuller and also to explore the feeling of double penetration. She held these tight inside her for so long and I want to honor her willingness and vulnerability to share this with me. I am small so hear her and understand why she would desire this. Is there a dildo that would harness with me at the same time? She asked me to choose somethings for her as she browsed your shop and was a little overwhelmed by the options (I think coupled with some nervousness about having shared these desires with me) we will talk through that together but she left me in charge of the toys.

I appreciate how open you are to trying new things. Extenders are a great option if your partner wants to try penetration with larger toys. The Kink Extender is a great place to start because it’s soft and only adds a little bit of girth and length to make sure it feels good. My favorite is the Oxballs Muscle sheath because it’s slightly firmer and the internal part of the extender has more texture so the wearer gets more stimulation. If you’re looking for a representational extender there’s also the Vixskin extender.

If you’re looking to try double penetration, I would start with a plug during your normal play. Then you could get the Deuce harness which allows you to pull your penis through one of the holes to use, and then you can harness an anal dildo. Or you can harness two dildos while you wear it. The Temptasia set is perfect for anal play because you get 3 different sizes and they’re nice and smooth which is perfect for the backdoor.

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