Sexy Bull Big, Just Not Too Ouchy Big

My wife and I have recently started to explore the fantasy of interracial cuckoldry. She would like to incorporate a realistic dildo in her fantasies of being serviced. Part of the fantasy is having me select a toy as if I were bringing someone home for her to enjoy. I have been considering the Naked Addition Freak Noir Naked Addition Freak Noir Thrust Thrusting Remote Control Suction Cup Dildo | Spectrum Boutique because it checks off many boxes for her. It has a fairly realistic look, and she wants vibration and rotation. The thrust feature would be something new. Is it new. We must have missed that leap in technology. :blush: The suction cup makes the imagination wander as does the hands-free remote control. I don’t think my wife would have a problem taking the length because I would not be so inconsiderate as to neglect plenty of lube, patience, and gauging her arousal. She would control the amount of penetration obviously. However, my concern is with girth. She has had limited experience with other men, and I have a smallish penis. I want her to enjoy the fantasy of being with an endowed African-American man, but I don’t want to ruin her experience by choosing something she will not find comfortable. I guess that was a meandering way of saying, is a 1.5 inch diameter a mistake? I think it would be erotic for her to feel filled up and it doesn’t seem too extreme, but I do not have, without being too graphic, the personal knowledge some of you may possess. I just want her to have fun. Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

My partner and I routinely use a 1.5" and 1.6" in my boi-pussy, so I can’t imagine your wife having any problem. Just go slow in the beginning and let her control the insertion until her pussy gets used to it.

Timmy is right, just go slow and let her control the insertion. One of the main toys I use is 1.7, and it really does feel full and I enjoy it, but it was a process of working up to it, and sometimes it’s slowly inserting it, getting comfortable, and then going further. And some days it’s a bit much, and my body will tell me. I’ve pushed before too far with it, and it hurt, and I learned to listen to my vagina when it comes to push back and pain (there for sure is a right and wrong kind, and for me I know it when I feel the difference). Like length, girth is about taking your time, and honestly even if you don’t get all of a girthy toy in, it’s still fun to try and also to grind and use it.

I think the Naked Addition toy you linked to fits the bill for what you mentioned she is looking for. And yes, thrusting toys are all the rage now and very trendy!

I did think of a possible few other options as well to mention. If she likes clit stimulation as well, the Mose is a sleek new toy that also has vibration and thrusting.

Also if you are hesitant about the girth at that price point, I would also highly suggest trying out a traditional dildo and use it in tandem with a wand vibrator. Colours has really great big and girthy dildos at affordable prices if you are working up or want to check out bigger sizes, and they have a few skin tone colors. I’ve used these and pressed a hitachi against the base or against the clit and they work great together. It wouldn’t have thrusting, but your hands can do that, ha. Just an option if you want to test out girth with a cheaper toy!

Thank you both for the good advice. It isn’t always easy to translate descriptive numbers into real world application.

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Totally, you’re welcome!