Too Tight Vaginas

Hi all! I wanted to ask for your advice on how to enlarge a vagina with the least painful and most economical ways. I cant even insert tampons in due to pain and the fear of pain. I just got a size 3 dilator. Im not sure if I shouldve gotten size 1 first but they are a bit pricy so I thought I could handle the pain for a while but I have a hard time getting my self motivated to use it. Any tips on sexs toys to use, exercises and mental health advice? Thank you<3

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Hi Candy! Totally have some suggestions, first time I used a tampon when I was like in 5th grade it was the end of my period (ugh, pool party!) and it totally hurt and fucked up my relationship with that for a long time.

I would for sure suggest a dilator set vs. purchasing just one, because gradually increasing is the way to go, IMO. And like you mentioned, getting one that is a bit larger can be physically and mentally intimidating to use. My pick would be this Blush set. Not only are there a wide range of sizes, it’s really affordable! We also have this set, which includes an additional size, but for the price comparison that Blush set is great.

As far as advice, I found it really helped to set the mood to help yourself relax. I go full out, soft lights, nice music, some really nice lube (a must), and I do a lot of just body work before going anywhere near my vagina. Any time I’ve had tension or anxiety in my body, body work has been instrumental in helping break it down. And by body work I mean just lots of loving touch, especially parts of the body you might not pay as much attention to. So I’d caress my arms, my belly, my knees. Just very gentle touch and care helps relax your body. It’s foreplay for sure, but also just helps you get in touch with your body and show it that it’s safe. Just take all the time and be gentle with yourself, start with a smaller toy or just fingers or even just a humping toy, no rush. It’s all about showing your body its safe and getting comfortable.