Unremarkable orgasms?

For all my life, orgasms haven’t been mindblowing for me like I’ve heard them described. I’m DFAB and the sensation of coming has just been like a core tightening squeeze. It’s never been anything particularly more than that, even with my limited experiences with partners. I am currently on SSRIs/antidepressants so that might be a factor, but even before I started taking them I didn’t feel any differently about orgasms. Does it even count as an orgasm if it doesn’t blank out my mind…? Am I not stimulating myself enough?

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Hey soap! Orgasms can be tricky, everyone’s body can react differently to stimuli, and there are def. different kinds of orgasms. And not to mention play where you might not have a full blown orgasm, but still get turned on and have a lot of fun.

I for sure can tell you that not every orgasm blanks out my mind. Some are smaller, some are huge, some are a slow build up and release, sometimes I just don’t fully get there or I get overstimulated. Are you enjoying the process at least and turned on? I think focusing on that helps me sometimes vs. thinking about the end result.

As far as stimulating yourself enough, I’d have to know a bit more info. How do you usually stimulate yourself? Do you use lube at all? Are orgasms different at all with yourself vs. with a partner? There are so many factors at play, and sometimes it’s just about finding the right position or way you stimulate yourself to get your groove.