Antidepressants and Libido

I need advice!
I have been coming off my antidepressants and have noticed a decrease in my sex drive which sucks! I’m not sure if the two things are connected but the timelines match up. I’ve also been having orgasms more quickly, when I do engage in sex/masturbation, and I’m so annoyed because I like to be active and engaged with my partner for as long as she is aroused. During sex I usually orgasm before she does, but recently it’s been annoyingly fast. What can I do?? Is it possible that the decrease in antidepressants is causing this? I have a vagina, if it’s relevant!

I’ve for sure seen correlations with change in antidepressants (and a lot of other meds, like birth control pills) and a decrease in sex drive, and it TOTALLY sucks :frowning: I have a hormone disorder, and I know if mine are elevated or out of wack, it def. affects my depression and my sex drive both, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are related.

Have you talked to your doctor about this? Might be a known issue with meds.

As for having quicker orgasms, have you tried edging at all? Or foreplay that isn’t overly stimulating you? If I feel like I’m close to cumming and don’t want to, I back off and focus on just other touch or my partner while I let the feeling back off. It’s a lot of give and take to see what works, and a lot of trial and error with your partner as well, which can be annoying (but sometimes fun too when trying out new things), but totally something you can work on so you aren’t orgasming as quickly. But also want to point out, it’s ok if your body is orgasming quickly too! Bodies change, it happens, trying to play around and see what helps you is a way to work with that reality, but totally ok if you cum and then just enjoy getting your partner off too.

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