Uncircumcised Penises

I just found out that the guy I’m interested in is uncircumcised and I’m a little weirded out. I have absolutely no idea what to do and I have no idea how foreskin works. I’ve ever been with circumcised guys before and to be honest, foreskin seems kinda gross to me. But still, I really like this guy and I want to make an effort. Does anyone have any tips/advice?


The only thing I can add as a uncircumcised male is be open to the experience. My whole life… Even today in my 40’s I feel awkward about talking to a potential partner about my body. It is something normal and natural. Just remember we are a little more sensitive around the tip😉

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Hey there!

My partner has a foreskin and from my experience it’s not any more difficult or weird than being with someone who is uncircumcised. Some people do have a specific preference for circumcised/uncircumcised penises but don’t go into sexual relations with the assumption that having a foreskin means that your partner is in someway “dirtier” or “unkempt”. So long as your partner actively and regularly cleans their penis (both above and under the foreskin) there shouldn’t be an issue. The genitals of both circumcised and uncircumcised penis owners are capable of smelling and tasting gross if they aren’t properly cleaned. If you find that a recurrent issue, try to politely confront your partner about the issue and see if there is a way to resolve it.

When I’ve initiated oral sex with my partner, there have been many times where lint or hair has gotten caught under the foreskin due to clothing/blankets but I just politely ask my partner to wash his penis or we get a cloth and some water and wipe it off. I’ve personally found that asking my partner to rewash/rinse his penis doesn’t ruin the mood and it makes him feel better to know I’m not gagging with disgust during oral because some lint got caught at the back of my throat. Regardless of having a foreskin, lint and hair still get caught on penises due to general sweat and exposure to fabric so it’s really not that different.

Besides foreskin is just an extension of skin that better protects the tip of the penis from overstimulation. If it truly bothers you enough you can ask your partner if you can pull the skin down the shaft so that the foreskin is no longer prominent (it looks and feels the same as a circumcised penis and your only concern then would be whether you’re over-stimulating your partner).

I’m sure some people don’t mind having their foreskin pulled back during play but for others like my partner, it tends to not be as pleasant because overstimulation of the tip happens within a matter of 10-15 seconds of continuous direct contact.

One more tip, ask your partner to show you how they prefer their penis to be stroked. Stroking a penis with a foreskin can hurt if pulled on too vigorously. (It doesn’t help that almost all examples of mainstream porn show fast and continuous stroking regardless of sex which can make intimate contact awkward/confusing if someone mimics porn and it doesn’t feel good for their partner.)

I wish you luck and hope this helps with some of your nervousness about relations with your partner!


I really enjoy sex with people who are uncircumcised. It’s all about just getting comfortable with that person and talking through your sexual experiences. That’s how I got there. Plus they are uaully extra sensitive - which is great for foreplay. It’s not always the case but usually likely.

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Coming from Europe where it’s absolutely normal to keep the foreskine , we see circumcised penises as a cultural or religious mutilation, phimosis excluded but it’s really rare. (Based on official studies) Like excisions. It’s funny to see the judgment from continent and the one from yours where you believe that it’s “dirty” to keep the natural skin that protect the top of the penis and his sensibility. We know that it’s mainly a market for hospitals and labs in America to make money. (Like for abusive C-section)

So from someone who had only one partner with circumcised penis, it was the reverse. I was scared to hurt the top part and it change the way you masturbate it. It’s way less sensitive and it was a bit frustrating in the beginning but you get use to it.

Europeans penises are not more dirty than Americans because of foreskine. And we don’t have more disease or STD .
It’s important to get informed about why you cut babies penises, what are the results of official and scientific studies about that subject. You’ll discover that it’s mainly cultural.


I remember waaay back when I became sexually active, I was totally turned off by guys who weren’t circumcised,I always thought they were dirty, or could give me some nasty infection,and have actually stopped in the middle of foreplay as soon as I found out… Now, many years later, I am realizing that most men I have been with, or seen in porn flicks, are not circumcised, and that in fact, a large number of men say they have a more sensitive glans area…? I read a lot about it back then, (No internet back then,had to library it…lol) or old fashioned “ask” a guy. I now find it so sexy, and love the feel. BTW, both my step grandsons wont be circumcised.

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I’ve actually only ever been with men with intact penises! And I’ve found myself to prefer it. Just watch that you don’t pull the foreskin back too far or go into sex too quick before you’re wet enough/use enough lube, because that can hurt!

If you’re nervous just ask him what he likes! Communication is key in any kind of relationship, he can show you the way he uses his hand on himself and you can learn how to do it your self!

I’ve been with both and they both have their pros and cons. All penises are different and great!

The good thing about uncircumcised is you dont need much lube when giving a handjob or blowjob. Con if a guy isnt keeping it clean… YOU WILL KNOW.

Circumcised are usually cleaner but NEED lube because they get dry fast and it hurts them.

Looks like some folks have had great comments about this topic. I would just like to add that referring to a penis as having an intact foreskin (rather than ‘uncircumcised’) is a way to deconstruct the normalization of circumcision and is also the preferred language by many penis owners.

If you have more worries or unanswered questions about how to interact with an intact foreskin let me know! :heart:


Circumcision is a societal/religious construct. It’s not natural in my opinion. How can a baby/child consent to (in my opinion) genital mutilation? The foreskin is very sensitive and I, as a penis lover, find it easier to please a person with foreskin because of the extra sensitivity.
If the person is hygienic, then there are no issues.

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Circumcision was developed as a means of religious control and has been handed down from generation to generation under the guides of not wanting your son to be made fun of. If given the choice I would rather have mine back. Embrace the fact that your partner is still the way that he came into the world.