Trans guy here with sex toy compatibility questions

You can literally skip all of this if the answer to this question is NO:
Do silicone PROSTHETICS (not asking about silicone LUBE) damage TPE and/or vice-versa?

I’m a bi 28 year old white trans dude with ADHD & ausitsm, with bottom dysphoria who is exploring solo safe sex options. I have spent a life time of crying after masterbating & crying after intercourse with a partner & I’m just not ready to bring anyone else into the bedroom for a multitude of reasons right now.

I’m on testosterone so puberty…is…INTENSE. I have the sex drive of a 14 year old boy and the body of an 80 year old man lolol (I have a physical condition that makes it easy to injure myself) Now that I have the right hormone in my body, I no longer cry, but it’s still isn’t the best because of my bottom dysphoria. But with this prosthetic, it’s much better.

I literally just spent a month recovering from spraining my wrist from masterbating. :joy:

So here is my predicament…And I need suggestions.

I have a prosthetic penis made of silicone (with a pleasure pocket)
I purchased I have a sex doll to save my wrists. It’s been working. It’s the only sex toy I’ve found I can use hands-free and it bring me very little dysphoria. (Other sex toys just aren’t an option, believe me, I’ve looked)

The sex doll is made of TPE and I wish to continue using it with my prosthetic made of silicone.

I’m not willing to get a different peen, nor a different sex doll (I’m small and I have not found any silicone dolls that are light weight , afforadable and meet all my needs)

For anyone who is familiar with chemical composition compatibilities and/or in general sex toys and what works together and what doesnt,

Here’s what I know/what I think I know (correct me if I’m wrong)

Neither materials can handle/like latex

Silicone penis requires water based lube
TPE sex doll requires water based lube

TPE and Silicone cannot be besties. Silicone (lube) ends up damaging TPE.
Refering to beginning: Do silicone prosthetics damage TPE and/or vice-versa like silicone lube does?

Things I’ve come up with if the question is YES:

-Have silicone prosthetic penis in a non-latex, water based condom (Trojan-Supra Bareskin Non-Latex is the ONLY one I’ve found. and…It sucks.) But, #1 I’d rather not repeatedly spend money on condoms & #2 I’ve read this might not be very reliable and could over time damage both?

-Buy a cheap, light colored phone case made of TPU (a durable, similar composition to TPE…Which, I think? Is compatible with TPE?) and stitch it onto a silicone mold and fold in into a cylindrical shape in insert into the doll. That way my silicone peen is coming into contact with silicone and the TPU is coming into contact with TPE.

That’s literally all I’ve thought of.
If the answer to the question is YES:
Do you folks have any more suggestions/ideas?

To be clear, I’m more worried about my prosthetic getting damaged than I am the sex doll, obviously. But sex dolls are expensive too.

In addition to everything else in our trans lives, literally just getting off can be a huge hassel, lol. Especially if you’re like me and are dysphoric with disabilities, lol. Like I said, I have autism and ADHD so I could definitely be over-thinking this/missing the obvious.

Thank you all for reading!

In terms of the products themselves, nothing in the elastomer would damage anything in a full silicone toy. If the toy was a very soft silicone, I would make sure you wash it thoroughly after you use it just to be extra cautious. But Silicone and Elastomer are totally fine to rub together. As long as the lube you’re using is water-based, which you seem totally on top of! I say go for it. Elastomer is meant to be mostly treated as disposable anyway, so just use it knowing that it will likely rip down the road, but the silicone toy will be fine.

Hope this helps!


Yes it does!! Thank you so much. :heart: