Unique toy idea. Never seen before. I needdd so bad in my life. Plz

I been searching the internet for days. Looking for the perfect toy for lesbian gf and I. we both really get turned off by the way male genitalia looks. She’s open to receiving penetration with toys as long as it’s an abstract looking penis that being said, I never seen and cant find a double sided/duo flexable thic abstract dildo. And I don’t mean a strapless strap on. I’d like something that we can use while sissoring. My dream is to be rubbing my clitoris on hers while having something in side both of us that DOESNT LOOOK LIKE A PENIS. :tired_face:

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I have a few options I think from our double-ended collection!

First up, the Together Toy has a ton of bells and whistles for a double-ended toy. It’s not super phallic looking as well, and the remote control is a lot of fun to have in the moment.

Although the Fun Factory ShareVibe is a strapless strap-on, it’s a little more abstract looking and the bulb end has a bit more to work with vs. other strapless strap-ons, so might be worth just taking a look.

Not sure if you’d be interested in investing in a stainless steel toy, but Le Wand Contour is one of the longer double-ended stainless steel toys I’ve seen, and the girth is really nice. I’m a fan of stainless steel toys for temp play and then using a wand with it for external stimulation.

If these aren’t your jam and you are struggling to find the perfect toy, you can always DIY it and make your own! New York Toy Collective makes a double-sided suction cup that you can use to stick two dildos together (as long as they have a smooth flat base) and create a double-sided toy. If you have a variety of dildos you like that would work with this base, it’s a lot of fun to mix and match by connecting them to customize what you want.

It’s not insertable, but there are some great grinding toys as well on the market which are a lot of fun for scissoring. Grinding toys have become really trendy so there are so many more options now. And you could totally use them between you and your gf while still using your favorite dildo for penetration. If this is something that interest you, I’d check out Pelle Flex and Pelle Whim. There is also the Bumpher Honeybunch which you can attach to the back of a dildo and grind against, or buy two and they can attach to each other to grind between two partners, and unlike some grind toys there is a spot to insert a bullet vibe.

Hope that gives you some options to check out! And like I said, if nothing seems to be fitting the bill, that suction cup attachment is a great (and affordable) way to turn existing favorite toys into a dual one!