Lube Problems- any advice?

I’m struggling to find a good lube option. When I use sliquid H2O, it burns a bit. I thought that was normal but it’s unpleasant and I’d like to avoid it if possible. I think the ingredients I am allergic to are potassium sorbate or citric acid. The only thing I’ve been able to use comfortably is coconut oil.
I am a trans man with vaginismus and I’ve been on testosterone for 2+ years, so lube is a necessity. For now I am looking for something I can use with silicone toys, but ideally it would be nice to find something condom compatible.
Have any of you struggled with this? What options have you found? Any advice?

Hello there! I am ordering a different kind than you have, and it’s supposed to be hypoallergenic. I’ll let you know after I use it and see if those ingredients are in it.

P.S: I am trans masculine as well, hoping to start T this summer! :smile:

While the Sensuva hybrid lube still uses a preservative it doesn’t use citric acid and might be worth giving a try. Same as the Ah! Yes moisturizing lube or regular lube because these are supposed to be PH balanced.

I’d love to hear about that once you get to try it! Congratulations on starting T soon!

I will check those out, thank you for the recommendations!

Just an update; I used the new lube I ordered. It is called Water Slide, and it worked pretty well. I have sensitive skin, but there was no irritation. It also doesn’t contain glycerin.


Awesome, so glad you found some that is working well!