Trans-friendly wearables - recommendations?

I’m a 24 year-old transmasculine person who’s recently been realizing how un-sexy I feel in pretty much all of my boring stuff - I don’t really have any clothes or undergarments that I feel sexy in. I don’t really know of any lingerie I would feel comfortable in, but I’m interested in harnesses, both for chest and the lower half. My partner and I both want to have more fun during sex and have sex more frequently, but my lack of confidence and feeling un-sexy has made that kind of challenging. Does anyone have any trans-friendly lingerie recommendations or know of any handmade harnesses they’d recommend (I’d love to support craftspeople and small makers but doesn’t necessarily need to be handmade)? Or any other advice in general? I’d appreciate any input!


Hey, sweet! Finding sexy undergarments can be so tough, and I def. get feeling more empowered and sexy when I’m dressed in something that brings that part of me out more. I’ve got a few harness makers and a trans-friendly lingerie line that I really like!

For readymade and custom harnesses, Emma Alamo is my go-to. She does both leather and vegan options, and her work and quality is just incredible. And she does all sizing. Just really amazing handmade, artisan work. Some of my favorites include this beautiful bondage belt, this sexy garter harness, this classic chest harness, and then this really cool shoulder harness (which is also being modeled by total babe Theo Germaine who I love in the show Work in Progress).

If you like things a bit more colorful and sparkly (I’m a total sucker for glitter, ha), Gnat makes really cool bondage cuffs and wear. They don’t have a ton in their store, because they do a lot of custom work. But I follow them on Instagram and they make a ton of harnesses and full body pieces.

And last but not least, I can’t praise Cantiq enough for lingerie! They have an entire gender fluid collection, and really most of their items are made for any gender, and they are great about modeling their collections on all bodies. They also recently expanded their sizing, so they are super inclusive for all sizing too. It’s a small business as well and just everything is beautifully made too.


Hey! Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. I love the Emma Alamo and Gnat ones especially :slight_smile: I appreciate you!