Harness recommendations?

figured i would hop on here and ask since i’ve been looking everywhere! my partner uses a strapon/harness during sex. they prefer boxer styles because they cover their rear end, but they recently discovered that they like typical harness styles as they’re more sturdy and allow for better feeling on their end. the biggest problem with boxers is that they don’t tend to be as sturdy - at least from our experience; we’ve used the packer gear ones. tl,dr: any recommendations for sturdier boxer style harnesses? i work at a shop where we have the tomboii boxers, but i haven’t been able to test it out yet. advice is appreciated!

TBH? I haven’t found the boxer style built-in straps sturdy for play, and a lot of the o-rings aren’t removable so it’s limited which toys I can use.

That said, I think using one that is more a brief cut vs. a boxer style does lead to a slightly tighter fit. Strap-On-Me has one that is more jock cut but underwear in the front, but it does show your butt. Strap-On-Me also has a really cool new harness that looks a bit more like underwear in the cut, but once again, the butt is open. I haven’t tried it yet, but our shop owner Zoe tried it on over on our IG here.

Honestly? I think the Joque is one of the best harnesses on the market for being sturdy. I know it isn’t the style your partner is looking for, but if they want something that will hold up during play, it’s really the way to go vs. a boxer style. That said, I have worn my harness over underwear, especially open crotch underwear, and it works just fine and is one way to still get some coverage in the back without sacrificing a more durable harness.