Exploring my feminine side

So I’ve been chilling with my sexting friends with benefits for a while now. We’re all tight besties so that’s good.
It’s nice having sexually open people who you can also geek out about Wandavision with. But we were talking and I said how I really wanted to try the whole kink of wearing women’s underwear for fun. Well after they said how cute I’d look and gave me a lot of encouragement I folded and bought my first pair. The second I got them home and threw them in the wash I suddenly had butterflies. I was nervous, excited, horny, scared and a whole mess of things. But my friends were there to encourage me.
The moment I slipped them on I felt this rush of confidence. I felt frisky and sent some tasteful nudes with them on and the response made my heart flutter. I felt so confident and sexy and amazing! And not gonna lie having so many people say I turned them on made me so happy. My body positivity issues just melted away! Now I want to take like proper artsy pics and I’m in the process of buying cuter and better fitting ones. Now if only one of my friends would stop joking that I’m trans in denial lmao


I am so proud of you for taking small steps in exploring different parts of yourself and striving to live a life that is wholesome and authentic to you! So many people live in denial of their true selves and it reminds me to feel compassion for those that are insecure and suffering in a life they don’t want. I find it amazing when people break out of the box that societal norms push us into and find authentic joy in whatever way is healthiest for them. So go you!


So proud of you, Jason! That is so awesome and I’m so glad you found some great friends to support you. It really is that butterfly feeling and then such a great rush when you can be yourself and have fun and feel confident and sexy in your own skin (or your own sexy skivvies!)

I’ve been trying to buy some more lingerie that makes ME feel good vs. for others (although fun to show off) and it really is empowering. Kudos to you!

Also WANDAVISION IS SO GOOD! I def. cried during the finale. I’m so excited for Dr. Strange now, esp. after that last end credit :slight_smile:


Thanks! And yeah after the butterfly’s left now I want to wear them often and just feel confident. Also I bought my first lace pair and am looking forward to feeling myself up in them.
Also yes WandaVision is amazing

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Update: I bought a second pair and they fit so much better and I feel hella confident and sexy so I may have found a new addition to my wardrobe. The new pair are so much nicer and are lace and actually fit lol. Also having a blast with my sexting friends and they love it hehe