Sexy Lingerie for Transmasculine People?

Hello there! I just started my first relationship, which is absolutely amazing! But it’s also got me asking myself a lot of questions I didn’t consider before.

For example, we are currently long distance, but planning to meet in person soon. I want to make our first night together really special and romantic, but there is one thing I am having a problem with. I want to find something sexy to wear, but women’s lingerie would probably trigger my dysphoria and men’s is too simple and not really suited to my anatomy. Do any of you know of any good products or companies that I could look into?


Congrats on the relationship, so exciting!

Any particular style or fit you are thinking/wanting? I think someone in a jockstrap style underwear or harnesses is really sexy, not sure if that is the style you are going for though. Let me know if not.

Two brands that make some great gender neutral underwear in various cuts is TomBoyX, and I really like this line from Rodeoh, especially the shift jock cut.

One of my favorite harness makers is Emma Alamo. She makes everything from chest harnesses to hip harnesses, really beautiful collars and even face cages. Her work is just awesome, especially for a long-lasting piece. And she’s down to work with any type of body and size and help with adjustments, just her stuff looks gorgeous on everyone.

My friend wears some really awesome stuff, but Instagram is down so I cant go check on the brand they post, but I’ll drop it in later!

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Thank you! I believe he’s really into harnesses and stuff, so I’ll definitely look into the harness maker. I really appreciate the help!

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Of course! Also found the other great brand, Cantiq! They have some really great stuff in a variety of genders and a wide range of sizes too.

Also here is the person I mentioned who I follow who wears some awesome stuff. A lot of his posts he tags the brands he’s wearing, so if you check out some of his posts, you might find some cute stuff!

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Thank you again, @LisaW! I’ll definitely be checking everything out.

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