Techniques/toys for prolonging ejaculation?


I was hoping you could give me recommendations for toys or techniques that can help prolong ejaculation and increase the size of your load?


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There are quite a few ways to prolong ejaculation

  • You can try adding a traditional condom because it will cut down on sensitivity.

  • Practicing edging. Which is bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and not allowing yourself to reach that release until you give yourself permission.

  • Ball Stretchers work by pulling the balls away from the body. When a person with a penis is getting ready or ejaculate their balls pull up close to their body. If that is prevented from happening, it makes it more dificult to reach orgasm. Think of it as a short sleeve that extends the very stretchy skin of the scrotum, pushing the balls away from the body. Just use lube so it doesn’t catch on skin or body hair. My favorite is the Oxballs Unit X for a harder tug, or the oxsling for a more gentle stretch