Boyfriend premature ejaculation- advice?

New relationship with a wonderful man. He has recently confided that he has a history of premature ejaculation. Each time we have had sex, he climaxes within 3 minutes. He is open to trying all things to address this. This is completely new for me. Any suggestions on specific toys/devices that can help to delay? We are going to try cock ring but not sure if some are better than others. Appreciate any tips! (PS im excited that this can be even more amazing together as we learn about our bodies and in no way am i complaining here. Excited to learn and grow in my relationship with a partner that is open and honest with me, swoon!) I want him to feel confident and secure and always encourage the honestly and exploration.


I don’t have any helpful advice since I haven’t encountered those kinds of situations yet. But in general I suppose taking this slowly each session at a time can help you both figure out how it work with the situation! And I’m sure you helping him to feel safe and confident regardless of pre ejaculation can help him tremendously with his self esteem! Good luck to you both, and I’m so glad to know that you’re willing to work things out with him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can give a combination Ring and stretcher a try. The Oxballs Cocksling is my favorite. It pulls the balls gently away from the body which makes it harder to cum and more intense when they do orgasm. These will help sometimes.

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