Erectile Disfunction

Hi everyone, my boyfriend was unfortunately shot when he was younger and the bullet has effected the nerves in his legs which ultimately is effecting him from staying hard during sex. The chemistry is there but he’s having a hard time with this, he’s going to the doctor to see if there is anything that can help but I wanted to know if you all have any tips. Thank you so much!

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Totally have a few toy suggestions and other tips!

First off, I hope he knows that staying hard isn’t the end all be all during sex, I know that is so much pressure for folks with a penis. And nothing wrong with using toys and hands and mouths as needed instead. I person I saw had pretty bad type 1 diabetes and had issues staying hard, but man did he give great massages and oral. So nothing wrong with making it work when certain parts don’t work!

As for toys, check out Pulse! You don’t have to be hard to use it, and the focus is using oscillation to stimulate the penis. It’s great for folks with ED.

If you haven’t tried an extender, I’d highly suggest checking that out as well. It’s great to use between rounds or if things go soft during play to keep going. This one is a great option: VixSkin by Vixen Colossus Silicone Extender | Spectrum Boutique

I also like double penetration toys that attach via a cock ring, as long as the cock ring can stay on, most are pretty snug, you have a built in dildo. This one I dig because it’s bendable but also has a bullet vibe to give extra stimulation to the penis as well: Posable Partner Double Penetrator Vibrating Ring And Posable Beaded Silicone Stimulator | Spectrum Boutique

Also the Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is a wonderful resource for suggestions on adjusting positions and stimulation if you need to modify sex. Worth a read for sure!