Tables for couples?

So I’m currently looking into getting a table for my partner and I just think instead of relying on Amazon reviews cause I goggled some and massage tables popped up. perhaps there maybe someone here that has made this kinda purchase and can vouch for one. My concern is purely for safety ya know ? Just don’t want us doing it and then something happening knock on woodcause I didn’t learn up enough. lol I’d appreciate anyone that could help me out. Sure the bed is comfy but I think we’d love to try a more firm but also comfy surface. I love the place we are in and I think this would be a fun treat for us (: I’ve thought of this for a while now but I’m ready to just got for it! But I wanna be well informed before making the purchase.

Thanks again!

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Hey Nite, welcome to the Forum!

Are you looking for something that can fold up like a massage table and be stored away, or are you ok with something sturdy that can stay out? Basically is it something that needs to be more discrete, or are you looking to upgrade a dining room table for something that is sturdy and can be multipurpose?

I’m always on the lookout for sturdy furniture (I’m plus size), so I know it can be tricky tracking stuff down. Also not sure if you are open to it or if mobility is an issue at all, but the floor is great if you’re worried about furniture giving out. Using pillows and even a wedge can make it fun if you’re wanting something different than the bed but still want to be cautious about safety on furniture.