Recommendation for my boyfriend

Looking for beginner toys for my boyfriend, he enjoys anal and prostate stimulation. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Yay, we love butt stuff in the forum :slight_smile:

We have a whole section of for beginner toys over on the site. Has he used any toys before? If not, I’d suggest a set, they provide different sizes to work up to and play around with. The ones with vibes are more expensive, but I’ve also held a wand toy against the base of a non-vibrating plug to add sensation and that works too. And they even have sets that are specific for prostate stimulation too.

If he’s done anal play before, he might not need a smaller toy off the bat, and if that’s the case I’d suggest a plug or dildo. He needs to think also what he’s wanting in a toy, does he want length or girth? Vibrating or none? What type of material would he want? And a more firm toy or more flexible? That is where I’d start, just thinking about what he wants out of a toy. If you want to reply with some specifics, I can suggest more too.

We also have a good intro to getting comfortable with anal guide over on Journal, as well as a great pegging article from Carly too! Pegging might be down the line for you all, but there are some great general anal tips in that article as well.

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Thank you so much this was all so helpful

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