Maneuvering sex after breaking my leg

Hi! I recently broke my leg, I have one of those strappy black braces and a decent amount of pain if it moves. My partner is caring for me during this whole thing and one of the hardest things is feeling like we can’t have sex… are there some safe yet pleasurable positions and things we could do?

Sorry about your leg! Just want some clarification before giving a full answer, is it the kind of brace where your leg is suspended and elevated? Or is it moveable, just locked in the brace and hurts when you move it?

So I might be able to suggest some positions and modifications (I have some chronic pain so used to adjusting and modifying stuff), but I do want to up front suggest a reminder that there are a lot of sexual things you can do that aren’t just having traditional penetrative sex!

When I’m having a pain flare-up but still want to fool around with my partner and get off, it’s all about toys and oral. Usually I’ll make sure that I’ll bolster and add some cushioning with pillows or a rolled blanket around what body part is hurting me, just as a prep in case while in the moment I need some extra padding if I move or jerk when I orgasm.

Also when I’m worried about pain, I change up the type of sex we’re having. Nothing super rough, it’s time for more gradual play so we’ll start off with a toy on a lower setting and more gentle movement, my partner will check in with me to see how I feel, and then gradually increase settings or movement from there.

So just start slow and checking in. Which is hot too, sometimes a longer, drawn out play session yields a really great orgasm. It’s just fun to play around and have different types of sex, and that really helps to do so if you need to adjust for your body and its limitations.

It’s moveable, just stuck in the brace and painful. Thank you so much for the suggestions!! Pillows sound very important.

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Gotcha! Yeah, pillows are your friend right now. If you want to lay down and prop your leg up on some and on the sides of your leg to give structure, find what feels comfortable, then have your partner be on top, that would be your best bet.

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