Squirting tips and tricks?

I want to maximize the amount and frequency of my squirting when with a certain partner. 2/3 times I gush all over but I want it to happen every time. Any tips?

Hey there! First off the bat, I’d ask if you are doing anything different when you squirt vs. when you don’t squirt? Notice any movement or toys or anything that makes a difference?

Second, as an avid squirter, the best way I’ve found to maximize both the amount and frequency is honestly just practice. The more partners make me squirt, the more it tends to happen easily for me. Almost to the point now that I’m like chill out, body, ha. Also the more I go, the more that comes out. So having multiple orgasms and riding them out tends to yield more squirting for me.

We also have a guide about some tips for g-spot play that might help too: How to Stimulate Your G Spot / Prostate (Sponge Play) | Spectrum Journal

But also at the end of the day, just sometimes your body doesn’t want to. That happens still to me, even though I’d say with most partners I’m going to squirt at least a little bit 90% of the time.