Anal: how does it feel?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from folks wothout a prostate preferably (as I don’t have one and I imagine answers to this question would vary depending on this factor) about how anal feels to you?

I got up the courage to insert a finger in the shower and it just stimulated the feeling of needing, or just having had, a bm, and I’m not sure if that’s how it commonly feels or if that’s how it feels to a beginner and will get more pleasurable? I can’t say for sure yet if I enjoy that feeling in a sexual nature, but it seems plenty of people do get pleasure from it. So I guess I’m wondering, if I didn’t feel much pleasure from it that I was thinking and hoping I’d feel, will I probably not enjoy anal play? Or should I keep testing the waters?

I really wasn’t all that into anal until I learned more about what I liked. Felt nearly nothing from fingering or most plugs.

I really like nJoy wand but everyone is different and if it is worth trying more things is definitely up to you.

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Thank you, that’s helpful!

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Hey there! Someone without a prostate here that is happy to talk about my experience.

So truth be told, I had never been that into anal, but I also was coaxed into by a partner who didn’t do any warmup or use lube, so yeah, not a great introduction! I enjoy it more now, but it took a bit of trial and error to find what I like, so happy to talk about that.

Inserting a finger is a great way to test the waters, but in the shower might not be the best way to do so, because 1. water can wash away lube 2. you gotta use lube for any anal play if you aren’t already. The anus doesn’t lubricate, so lube is essential. I like using water based lube, just because it’s good with safety for toys, but if you’re just using a finger you have options. Make sure your nails are trimmed and you don’t have any hangnails, because even a small snag can hurt inside, I’ve had that happen and it doesn’t feel great. I like to use finger cots (like finger condoms) with finger stuff because of that and also for easier cleanup too. I prefer a plug just to be safe and not have to worry about my nails.

As for feeling, yup, at first it kinda feels like the pressure of a BM as you enter. That’s why warming up helps a lot to relax the muscles and your body so that feeling isn’t intense. Massaging around your anus, with a finger or a plug, gently pushing on it but not inserting something yet, doing all that while masturbating can help relax your body. Also position can help. For solo anal play, some folks like to lay on their side, it can be easier for access.

I also think every body is different. A lot of folks like anal because the feeling of fullness, so they like to just wear a plug during other play. A lot of folks like in and out motion and/or vibrations. I’ll admit, it’s not my favorite activity and not something I personally find myself wanting to do alone a lot, but I do like the feeling of fullness with a partner, especially with double penetration, either with a toy in my anus or vagina. So I’m a fan of that more so than in and out movement. It’s just a different feeling and for me makes orgasms more intense because it’s another level of stimulation.

We do have a whole section of toys for beginners for anal play, lots of more slim and affordable plugs that would be great for testing out the waters!

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Thank you for sharing! I’ll take all of that into consideration. I think I may also be in the plug over in and out boat as well. I was taking a look at some plugs and thought a textured one or one that resembles anal beads might make for interesting feelings during vaginal penetration.