Squirting: How do I make clean-up easier?

I squirt almost every time I have sex with my boyfriend and I definitely squirt every time I masturbate w my Womanizer. It’s no pornstar squirt where is shoots up high, rather it is a lot but trickles out. I drink a lot of water, and even though I pee before sex (sometimes twice), I still squirt so much.

My boyfriend loves it a lot so that is not an issue, it’s just the cleanup that dampens (hehe) the fun sometimes.

I usually fold a towel a few times and hope that it will catch everything, but in the end I end up having to wash the towel and my sheets and duvet cover and all. I live in a triple so I can’t really use any other spaces and end up having not a lot of time to clean up bc of my roommates.

I just am wondering if y’all have some tips and tricks that have worked for you that might work for me too!

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They make waterproof sheets which could be a pain to change the sheet every time but you would save the towell and the cover, finishing in the shower could be another option from time to time. There are also vinyl sheets that I really would love to try as I think having 2 (or more) oiled up bodies sliding around on one sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

thanks! will look into both types of sheets!!

This is a little off topic but how do you squirt?? I have never been able to do it myself !

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You could try some pee pads. They’re absorb-able pads for people who suffer incontinence.

My favorite is the liberator throe. It’s completely waterproof. Has a fuzzy side and a silky side so you have options. And the size is big enough for me. I throw it down before sexy time, then fold it up and put it away for cleaning.