How to protect your bed from WETNESS

Curious if anyone has a good/quiet solution for protecting the sheets/mattress during sex. I was very excited when I learned how to squirt but then it got a bit out of hand. I love it but the towels are just NOT cutting it for me lately, even doubled up they get pushed out of the way when changing positions. I feel bad that my DD is sleeping on damp sheets. I want to be a good girl and not too messy but I don’t want to NOT squirt also! I found a pet blanket thing but it was super crinkly and noisy. I don’t want to feel like I’m rolling around on garbage bags that’s a mood killer for me. Any suggestions?

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Oh I got you! I’m like a water fountain, haha, and have figured out a great solution. And you are so right, towels do not cut it! They just absorb and leave everything damp.

First off, get yourself a Liberator squirt blanket. It’s a GODSEND. There are three sizes, I have the travel one here, and it works for me as a plus size babe, so plenty big enough for me. I’ve used it with group play and it’s big enough for two to three partners if y’all are close to each other as well. Here is Zoe testing it in action showing how much liquid it can hold over on our Twitter. I have the purple one, and it’s a lovely royal purple color so it blends in great with my other blankets and decor. It’s not noisy, very soft to the touch, doesn’t move during play, easy to clean and I’ve never had even a large amount soak through. Just finish, fold it up, bed is dry and you can clean the blanket later. The travel size is also easy to fold and pack in luggage for trips too. I can’t praise it enough!

Second, get yourself a good waterproof mattress pad. I try to not forget in the heat of the moment to put my blanket down, but I often do, ha. I upgraded to a much nicer mattress last year, and my waterproof mattress pad has saved it multiple times! Some can be crinkly, but I found one that makes no noise at all, I leave it on 24/7 and don’t feel or hear it sleeping and having sex on it. I researched best ones, and this one came up on a few lists, then I noticed a review from a guy who said his wife went into labor in their bed, they came home later, and the mattress was dry. I was SOLD. So yeah, that one I use is from Amazon here. It’s cheap too! I adore it. That said, it will still be wet if you squirt with it, but it will protect your mattress, I’ve soaked it and still nothing has seeped through to the mattress.

Also I’ve found if you do get your sheets wet, and don’t have extras to switch them out, which has happened before to me, I have had the best luck with cleanup using paper towels vs. a regular towel. I’ll pop off my sheet, and sandwich a few layers of paper towels under and on top of the wet section, then just gently press to soak up the liquid into the paper towels. It seems to soak it up faster to me than a regular towel.