Sexy times + good music = good vibes

So I was kinda bummed out this morning, I think the end of year dread was kicking in. So I decided to do a little pillow humping. I started getting into it, even slipped out of my underwear, which is rare cause you know… fun body confidence issues. But I got into it. And then I had a thought “what if I listen to music while I hump my pillow?” And so I looked through my music. Stuff like Type O Negative, gothic instrumental, 80s love songs. But then I played a song I found recently. Juice by Lizzo. That started playing and MAN it felt different! My hips started actually swaying in between thrust, I kinda started dancing while feeling good, I had a big smile on my face and I think I tried twerking a bit :laughing:
Couple that with a few self ass slaps and just having fun more then chasing the big O, when I did finish I felt so satisfied! At the end I felt good, confident, sexy and chill. Even way after the session I felt so full of energy and just felt way more upbeat. I’m not sure what happened but it didn’t feel like masterbation, it felt like dancing and feeling good. It was a super positive experience and I think I found my new favorite song to hump too.
So it got me thinking, can different music affect the sexual acts and what you feel like after?
If anyone has any similar experience I’d love to hear it. Or maybe just drop your sexy time playlists. :heart:

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Oh totally! I’ve noticed different music brings out different parts of my personality, or in the past I’ve used music to help pump me up if I have some nerves and want to channel some confidence.

It’s cliche, but Nine Inch Nails always makes me feel powerful and sexy and in control. They’re a favorite band of mine, so not shocking. If I want to be dominate, I put them on.

I also really like putting on slower and building instrumentals, like Explosion in the Skies. those are great for really low key sensual sections.

For uptempo, funk music is a lot of fun too! Or electro remixes, there is a great remix of Come Into My World by Kyle Minogue remixed by Fischerspooner.

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