Sexy science. Subject: pillow grinding with added stimulation

So I was listening to one of my favorite nsfw voice actors and slipping into sub headspace and really craved something less instant.
I chose to do some classic pillow grinding. I usually use just one pillow and then my legs feel sore, so I add a second pillow and WOW it was super comfortable. That added softness was so nice! I didn’t have to bend my legs so much and I could grind so much easier. Anyway, with two pillows of comfort and a little lube I started grinding. I put on some grinding appropriate videos/music and I got to thinking… “hey… my Ollie is really strong…I wonder what would happen if I put it on a high pattern and stuff it between the two pillows?”
So I did and holy cow it worked! The entire top pillow had significant vibrations and that combined with the grinding, ah it was bliss
My grinding got faster and the pattern I had it on made the Ollie go from low to high in bursts. It was FANTASTIC! I even got to put my whole body on the top pillow and could feel the vibrations on my chest so double win! I love finding new sexy and sensual bedroom tricks. Needless to say I was definitely out of breath. The best part is after I finished I basically collapsed on the pillow and tried to enjoy my high BUT THE VIBE WAS STILL GOING! So even after I finished I still got bursts of increasing vibrations and got a little post orgasm fun. Now that was a fun ride!

Rate my setup lol

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That sounds splendid! I’ll have to give that a shot sometime given that I am a very avid fan of humping/grinding :innocent::drooling_face: