A real message from my vibe

So I had been pretty needy all day. Mostly listening to my favorite voice artists and going full needy sub mode. I sat down, grabbed my vibe and just chilled. Lots of chest play and just feeling the moment and mood. I was feeling adventurous and I’ve heard there’s all kinds of places a vibrator can feel good. I didn’t know where to start so I just placed it around my neck, shoulder blades and spine. And WOW what a new feeling! Instantly I felt more calm and almost dizzy in a way. It was almost hard to stay… well hard cause I was feeling so relaxed but I knew I was aroused. It felt like I was in a trance. My mind went blank and I could feel myself reaching my edge. I ran my vibe along my sides and on my chest. I found a sweet spot in the center of my spine and neck and on my shoulders. I reached my climax and felt dizzy and tired. Like I was ready to just drift off to sleep. When I stood up to put my wand away I felt slightly light headed. I feel more normal now but… I’m not sure what I was feeling. I think… I think I had a full body orgasm?? I’m not sure what I felt but it was fun. Anyone have any similar experience?


Yay for good orgasms!

I’ve def. hit spots or had spots hit as the same times as other that my body responds and is like “WHOA THERE” and then my orgasm def. is more full body. Sometimes I know the spots (the edge of my earlobe? Ok, body, haha), sometimes it’s a surprise, ha. Either way, it’s great!

Also I use my wands all the time for just general aches and pains, might as well get my money’s worth and hey, it’s still relaxing a muscle :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ve played with that place in my spine with my vibe a few times and it feels so good. I’ve also placed my vibe in the crook of my neck and I feel so calm. My vibe is very good for my sore muscles as well. I also want to experiment with just rubbing my hips and thigh to see if that gets a reaction. Also I might like stimulation to my feet since some people are into that and I think it would feel nice you know?

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