2 vibes + 1 sub = overwhelming pleasure

So I was in the mood and thought, “hey I haven’t used my Pillow talk in a while.” So I got my pillow talk and went to work. I finished but something in me wanted more. So I grabbed my Ollie and thought, what if I use both? So I put the Ollie between my legs and under my shaft and put the pillow talk on high on top. And let me tell you, oh my gods!
I must’ve sat there for thirty minutes just feeling the pleasure build. I must’ve done every sub thing ever. I started rocking my hips against the Ollie, I started whining and gasping, my hand squeezed my thigh out of instinct, I felt my legs twitch, my head started to feel lightheaded (possibly cause it felt so good I accidentally held my breath to stop from screaming) and when I finished for the second time I felt my tongue fall out of my mouth and my eyes went cross eyed! I probably looked so slutty and desperate for more, god I wish someone saw :laughing:
Note to self: the Ollie can cause quicker external prostate orgasms, might combine with Pillow talk to try this “prostate milking” thing.
But yeah I think I just found my new favorite duo!


Ahhh that sounds so good! It’s like a vibrator sandwich. Also I’m lowkey living vicariously through your posts because of my bottom dysphoria (wish I had a dick so bad!! I wear a packer which is really nice but of course it’s not same, especially when it comes to sex)


Yeah it felt amazing. And I’m happy to hear that my posts fuel your inner bottom. If you ever want me to, I can put my erotic writing skills to the test and describe the sensations of different pleasures that I feel. Ask @tallasianchick I’m pretty good at writing smut lol. But for real I’m glad I can help. If it helps I’m sometimes jealous about people with vaginas and how they experience things.


That could be a cool conversation topic here! Different people describing how they personally experience pleasurable sensations.