Sex-positive therapy?

Hello, I’m hoping someone can recommend a therapist or coach that specializes in sex-positive sexuality, intimacy and sexual identity. I’m a single bi cis-male here in Detroit, but the therapist can be anywhere. Thx!

I can recommend Joli Hamilton ( She works virtually, is sex positive, offers a podcast you can check out called Project Relationship, and can also offer a Jungian perspective to sessions. IMO, Joli has an incredibly diverse and insightful skillset. Good luck with your search.


I’m a big fan of Elle Chase’s work, especially her work in body positivity and connecting with your body. She also takes virtual appointments.

I know someone in Detroit, let me check with them as well!

Also have you tried searching on Psychology Today? It’s an awesome website for finding therapy providers, mainly because it lets you drill down by specific parameters. For example, I looked up therapist in Detroit who offer sex therapy and selected non-binary as their gender (I’ve found selecting non-binary usually yields more LGBTQIA+ therapists, but you don’t have to search only there) and it brought up these results. You can play with the filters depending on topic, gender of therapist, and even insurance. And therapists upload themselves so it’s usually pretty accurate with what they offer. Just a really great general therapy resource.

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Thanks @LisaW! I didn’t think of that, good idea. Eventually, come spring and after the current covid wave I’m going to emerge out of my cocoon and dip my toe back into the dating pool. I found this article on Psychology Today really insightful i.e new to town during pandemic winter with few outlets …other than my own devices. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You’re welcome! My friend in Detroit also mentioned to reference the AASECT directory — it’s specifically a directory of sex therapists and counselors. I didn’t even know about that one, it looks like an awesome resource for looking for a specific type of therapist:

And ooh, this article is super interesting, going to read it later! Not shockingly since I moderate this forum, ha, but I love reading about the overlap of psychology and human sexuality, so fascinating.

And yeah, this pandemic has been so tough on dating, I remember early on saying how it’s going to really shake up dating in general even after it’s eventually over because it’s going to change so many social interactions and the way we act socially as a whole. Going to have to be a lot of fumbling to learn new ways of interacting and communicating, which is already tough! Good on you for prepping, my therapist said she’s seen a huge uptick in people embracing therapy which I think is going to be key for learning how to weather the pandemic storm and aftermath of it all.