Connecting The Sex Ed/Health/Toy Community in CO

Hello everyone!
So I’ve noticed that within my home state of CO there is a severe lack of resources/direction/community with the CO sexual health/wellness/toy community. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely come across people who seek to spread info, positivity, and pleasure that reside within CO. Thus far I’ve only found 2 (one of which was the PPRM company Vibrant that closed) and it would be awesome to network with any other online store owners/educators/advocates of the sexual wellness field who live in CO.
If you know of any companies or people who reside or work out of CO please reply with their info so myself and others can network with local educators/entrepreneurs!


I can see your dilemma because I’ve been searching for a while and havent found many places. Here are a list of some useful stuff, but they’re mostly in Denver: