Recommendation for dildos/lubes

Hi hi! I’m a vulva owner and I have never liked vaginal penetration mainly because of my anxiety. But everyday i’m getting more comfortable with my body and of course my vagina. I really want to start trying vaginal pleasure so my questions are these (sorry for the long introduction):

  1. Whats a Good dildo for begginers?
  2. Whats a Good lube? my vaginal flora is very sensitive to any changes in pH. So i’m looking for a soft and non disruptive lube.
    Thank you soooo much for everything, this forum it’s amazing.

Hi Fernie13, welcome to the Forum! I’m happy to suggest a few options for both, but as a person with a vulva that still isn’t that into vaginal penetration with toys, just want to remind you that no pressure if you start exploring this and it isn’t your thing. But always wonderful to explore, glad you are getting more comfortable with your body and vagina, that’s great!

I picked out a few options for dildos and lubes, so this will be a longer post, but all good stuff!


I would highly recommend Blush for quality, affordable toys that are great for beginners or really anyone. These first two are a bit more petit in size, but still really great texture and design. I did want to include the Suko too, only because if you find yourself wanting something thicker and a bit bigger once you start playing around with dildos, Suko is awesome for that, and really sturdy with a suction base.

Luxe Cici:
Avant Pride P3:

I also personally prefer a vibrating dildo with a bullet vibe in it. I’m just a big vibe fan in general, so I like having some vibration in a dildo. Both of these are a bit bigger, but I really enjoy the ridges on Echo and the fact that the Impressions N3 has a lot of different vibrating speeds and patterns.


I’ll drop the lube down below in another comment so this answer isn’t so long, ha.

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Ok, Lube time!

I too am sensitive with lube, and found a lot that have bothered me. So I feel ya on that front. I personally like water-based lubes, but that’s a personal preference. They just seem to work best with my body and irritate me less, and I don’t mind the more thin, liquid texture. Here are my personal favorites plus a few I think would be great to check out for what you’re looking for.

  1. Sliquid! I love this brand so much, it’s my go-to. They’ve got a lot of different types, but I would check out their H20 organics, which is made ph balanced neutral and vegan. A super clean lube:

I haven’t personally tried their Sea blend, but the ingredients look amazing and I’ve heard good stuff and like I said, I really have liked multiple products of theirs and trust their brand:

  1. Good Clean Love. This brand is wonderful if you’re looking for lube for sensitive skin. BioNude is great to try them out:

If you’re wanting a lube with a bit more body/thickness, Almost Naked would be great to check out. We’re out now, but you can save it to you wishlist:

These next three brands I haven’t tried, but they all have rave reviews and are geared towards folks looking for lubes that are gentle and won’t mess up their pH balance. Worth taking a look at these if the above isn’t your jam.

  1. Intimate Earth Defense:
  2. Aloe Cadabra:
  3. Earthly Bodies WaterSlide (seriously, this one is the most basic of ingredients you can find!):

Also if you need some more lube reading or guidance, there is this great lube guide over on Spectrum Journal too:

Let me know if you have any questions about the lubes or dildos I listed, happy to help!

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YOU ARE AN ACTUAL ANGEL. Thank you sooo much for everything. I feel soo seen and validated. I will be adding every recommendation to my wish list. I’m really thankfull.

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Of course! So glad you feel that way, happy to help. Let me know if you have any more questions, I listed a lot, ha, so happy to help narrow down if needed too.

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