Professional Cuddling? Here's the 411!

We could all use a hug :slight_smile:

Check out the who, what, and why of professional cuddling from sexual educator (and professional cuddler) Yoni Alkan, over on Spectrum Journal!

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This honestly sounds amazing. As someone who is very touch and affection starved this sounds like it was made for me. Just to have someone to play with my hair and just hold me for awhile. The whole idea makes me very happy and a little sad actually. The hormone they talk about? I… I haven’t felt that in a long time and this actually sounds amazing. Assuming I don’t cry the moment I get comfortable lol


Crying is ok too! I think a lot of people in general are missing this physical connection, and when you get it, it’s very intense and brings up a lot of emotions that manifest in many ways, including crying.

Adjacent, I’ve talked to a few close friends about how when it’s safe, we’re totally going to hug and cuddle. Not a full blown party, but close friends of mine and I are totally going to share this type of affection when we can. Sort of to make up I guess for all the lost hugs over the last year or so.