My First Orgasm?

Hello everyone! I just had an interesting experience, and thought I might share with you guys.

I have been masturbating a couple of times a week and haven’t found anything that works for me. This afternoon, I decided to try again.

I started off by standing in front of the mirror. I don’t have very much confidence with my body (my dysphoria probably has something to do with it) and I am trying to get used to seeing/handling it. I ran my hands lightly over different parts of my body, trying to figure out some sensitive spots. I figured out that my neck, ribs, and just above my hips are really sensitive.

I then sat on the floor, turned on a video I liked, and began using my vibrator on the sensitive part of my neck. I use an ASMR video, since my ears are extremely sensitive. This seemed to arouse me quite a bit, so I started rubbing my clit with my fingers through my boxers. After a minute or two of that, I took them off, put lube on my fingers, and stroked my clit. This got me even more excited. I played with it for a little while, and learned that upward motions work well for me. I then used the vibrator on my clit. Every now and then, the sensations got too intense and I had to stop for a moment.

I then attached my dildo to a tile on the floor, put lube all over it, and inserted it. It still hurts a bit when I do that, so I didn’t really try to move up and down. I moved my hips back and forth and used the vibrator on my clit. I had to stop for a bit every few seconds because it was so intense. After a bit my ankles hurt because of how I was sitting, so I went up and down once, slowly, and pulled it out.

I think I must have orgasmed, because thin white liquid dripped down the dildo and out of me, but I don’t remember feeling anything like how an orgasm is described. It felt a lot nicer than usual, but I am not entirely sure what happened. Either way, I learned quite a bit this time, and I’m really proud of my progress!

That sounds like awesome progress all around, way to go!!!

You can def. have wetness and ejaculate while masturbating even if you don’t have a traditional orgasm in the sense. And really there are different types of orgasms, small ones and big ones and quick ones, all sorts. As long as it felt good and you enjoyed yourself, that’s what matters!


Speaking of the importance of "ENJOYING " your orgasm, you are ABSOLUTELY correct.
Every once in a while I will get to a point, after I help my wife orgasm, that I just lose my desire to continue. I will be going along all turned on, feeling like now I really need this orgasm, then its like I jump right over the pleasure part, to the no more desire part.
Don’t know why, but it sucks.
The best part was that she liked hers.


Yup, had that happen too! Especially for me if my clit is too stimulated and I’m overly stimulated in general, I’m like ready for an orgasm but my body is like NOPE, NOT TODAY and just is done. It’s really annoying and does suck, but bodies are just finicky like that sometimes.

And agree, at that point I just turn attention to my partner and remind myself that even if I don’t “get off” it’s still fun to get someone else off and be turned on. Guess it truly isn’t always about the destination but also the journey, ha.

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