My boyfriend used to tie me up

My boyfriend used to tie me up often before we became a lot more serious and moved in together. Now he has no interest in rope play, and I am basically begging him. It makes me feel so good and free. Why is he not interested anymore, initially it was his idea.

Hey Flamingo, that is super frustrating when something you enjoy with your partner suddenly doesn’t seem to interest them anymore. It def. happens though, but I think there are some ways you can try and figure out what is going on.

First thing first, did you ask him why he doesn’t seem into rope play anymore? Maybe something happened during play he didn’t like, or maybe he just wasn’t feeling it like he thought he would? Communication is key in most relationship things, but especially when it comes to kink play, so just a heart to heart discussion and letting him know “hey, I was curious why we aren’t doing rope play anymore, I really enjoyed it but it doesn’t seem like you are interested in it anymore?”

If it does end up being something he doesn’t want to do with you, would he be ok with you getting involved in rope play with another partner? Some folks just don’t have the same interest, and that’s why a lot of people find compatible play partners in the kink community. If that isn’t an option, I would be honest with him about how rope play makes you feel, and why you really enjoy it. As long as he doesn’t feel uncomfortable, he might be open to play or incorporating it into some play he enjoys if he knows how much it means to you. There are def. things that I’m not as interested in, but my partner really enjoys it, and so I don’t mind doing those things because I find joy (and a turn on) in making my partner feel fulfilled and pleasured.

But first step is to figure out why the sudden change of heart.