Masturbation for a man

I’m looking for something for my DIY time. No vibrator, easy to clean.

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Classic pillow humping/grinding. Lay on your bed and just grind or fold a big pillow in half and just hump it. Super easy and the most you have to clean is a pillow case.

That was my first DIY, I was 11. It shocked me more that the pillow. I’m hoping that technology has progressed a little further.


Although who doesn’t love a classic tried and true method, technology has progressed tenfold thankfully, ha.

So I’m assuming you have a penis (apologies if not!), so I’d check out this page over on Spectrum:

I’m a big fan of Tenga for my partner, he loves their brand of sleeves. And they have cheaper options all the way up to toys with a ton of bells and whistles. A really solid brand. Here are two of the cheaper sleeves we’ve had fun with, just use lots of lube (my favorite brand is Sliquid).


If you want to explore some prostate play, this was a great beginner tool that we enjoyed using. It is pretty slim, so def. a beginner only toy:

Also Zoe did a rad article earlier this year for Spectrum Journal about how all sex toys are for men, and how to use some toys in new ways:

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Thanks for the help - this is new to me.

I am very average size - do they come in sizes?

With the Spinner which model would be best for me?

Is there something that is soft inside and out?

If I could get something that is close to anal intercourse with a woman that would be great.


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Of course! Happy to help, there are so many new toys on the market, it’s way overwhelming diving into them all.

So, for sizing they don’t usually come in sizes per se, but all of the listings on Spectrum have both width and length measurements in the product descriptions, so you can get an idea of how long and wide the products are. Also keep in mind with a lot of the masturbation sleeves, they are made of stretchy flexible material, so they can stretch as needed, and also a lot of them, like the Tenga eggs, are made to also just be used on the head vs. full shaft as well if you want.

For Spinner, it really just depends on what texture you enjoy inside the sleeve on what model you get. The listing rates sensitivity for each model. I think the Hexa shape is a nice shape and a bit more firmness than the Tetra (then again, I don’t have a penis, ha, but the shape I prefer for texture and movement vs. some of the others).

Actually, the Tenga Double Hole I totally forgot and might be a better option to test out! It has two different design models in one sleeve, so you can test out two different sensations in one toy just by flipping to the opposite end:

And the nice thing about a lot of the Tenga toys, is you can control air pressure if you’d like with as well during play. Honestly taking a look at all of the Tenga options is worth browsing, they do so many different products that are super interesting:

For soft inside and out, the Tenga egg I mentioned fits that bill. A lot of their toys are soft inside and out with no outer casing (the double hole is not, still a good toy though). I would also suggest the Tenga Flex if you’re looking for something soft that you can work a lot with, very flexible:

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