Any recommendations for beginner prostate toys?

I hope this is a more or less appropriate usage of the forum.

But I’ve been looking into some of the prostate toys on your shop, I’ve used some dildos and such in the past but am looking into more or less starting fresh with some new plugs and trying some prostate vibrators.

But a ton exist on the web front. Do you have any recommendations for where to start?

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Howdy, howdy! Yup, totally the perfect use for the Forum!

So, first question, what type of toy are you looking for? Obviously prostate vibrators, ha, but are you wanting something weighted, buzzy, inflatable, glass or hard or soft touch material, etc. I’ll throw a few favorites below, but if you have any other details on what you like, can def. suggest some more specific stuff.

I really like to use on a partner prostate toys that also massage the perineum. This one by Svakom is great, has a lot of bells and whistles. Also we have 20% off Svakom toys this month, so you can snag a discount as well!

If you want more a weighted plug, this Bvibe one I’d check out, they have a few different sizes as well.

The Dorcel is super cool! It inflates a good amount, and also has good length and vibrations.

Nexus Boost also inflates and comes with a remote, so it’s great for solo or partner play.

And if you really want to treat yourself and go deluxe, the Nexus Revo Air is super impressive with its tech and functions.

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So I’ll jump on this thread because I could use some advice along similar lines. I’d like to get something that is soft is my biggest issue. I want something that’s medium-ish sized (a medium n-joy or maybe slightly larger) but I want something that squishes. I have the orange Zoe Ligon b-vibe plug, but it’s just a hair too long and maybe a little wide, and it’s so hard in the center that it gets hard to move around with it in. I’d like to get something that is similar size (slighly smaller) but has a good amount of squish.
I went to a local store but even they had “firm silicone” that felt more like a rock than anything else. I’m hesitant to get anything online because I can’t feel how squishy something is and I also want to make sure it doesn’t have a hard core with only a tiny amount of “soft” around it.


I asked @MakeUpAndSin, she knows our toy textures best, and she had two in mind to check out!

The Pris Lightning Bug is a much softer toy to check out. The larger ribs also add some extra sensation, which is nice.

The Koda plug set’s biggest plug is squishy and almost the same size as the b-vibe plug you mentioned as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions about these two!

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