Male masturbation toys

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions about a good masturbator to purchase. I’m looking for something to pleasure myself while my girlfriend is out of town on business which is frequently. I am currently using a flesh light but it takes me a while to climax. I guess the problem is that I have to stroke my penis with it the whole time and it’s really just like masturbating. I am looking for something that is battery-operated that I can put on my penis and it strokes it automatically. That is without me holding onto it. When I let go of my flesh light it falls off. I would like to be able to just attach something to my penis and get under the covers and dim the lights a bit and fantasize about a woman performing oral sex on me. If I’m not holding the tool itself I think it would be easier to do that. Is there anything out there? Has anybody tried anything like that that they could recommend?

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Hey Steve! So there is a totally hands free option, but I will warn ya, it can get pricey. But it’s a really freaking cool toy.

The VeDO Hummer BJ Masturbator is totally hands free and controlled by a remote. It’s probably one of the most advanced masturbators around. Here is a video from a trade show showing it off and it’s pretty impressive. The cost is a bit much, that said it’s a great investment toy and truly is a hands free experience, which is hard to find.

Another (more affordable) option is the Svakom Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator. Once it’s on, the thrusting and stroking is automatic. That said, you might have to hold the device, but you don’t have to actually stroke at all. I’m not sure if it would fall off if standing or laying down, that said you could def. wedge against a pillow or position yourself if you didn’t want to hold it and are worried about it coming off. Like I said, I’m not sure, it might actually work hands free, but when I’ve seen it in action, the user does hold the toy in their hand while it does its thing.

Those are your best options for a hands free toy that is going to simulate oral sex or a hand job from someone else.

Wildcard pick, and it isn’t for anyone, but you might want to check out the Nexus Eclipse Vibrating & Stroking Silicone Masturbator. So, this is a really cool toy if you like tip and around the head stimulation. It has a flicking tongue-like mechanism inside that focuses on the frenulum. It’s a more shallow toy than a lot of sleeves, and not sure you would be able to use it hands-free, but the flickering mechanism inside is a lot of oral-like fun action.

Thanks so much for the information Lisa. You really know your stuff.

I like the VeDO Hummer BJ Masturbator. I watched the video and it looks like it would simulate a really good blow job. But it looks like they used a fairly large penis in the demo. My penis is a little on the small side and I’m worried that it might fall off while I’m masturbating with it in bed. Do you know it will if it will accommodate different size penises?

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Hot Octopuss and Lelo dot com have some hands-free options as well - no experience to report with any of them but some curiosity.

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I checked with Carly, one of our resident toy experts, and she said it will probably still work, but that it depends on how tight of a fit you’re looking for, honestly. So it might not be as tight of a fit, but it should still stay on.

I own the lovense max 2, Tenga Flex, Tenga flip(electronic) and the arcwave ion. In the experience i have with these i enjoy Tenga the most. They seem to be made for more of an average size penis and are a tighter fit. Also they dont feel so awkward to hold from being so big such as the Lovense Max 2. The tenga flex is actually my favorite and is the most simple and least expensive at around 35$ i think. Its comfortable and you can squeeze it as tight as you would like. I enjoy using it when id like to spend some time on myself. But if im trying to finish quickly the arcwave ion or the tenga flip both great. The arcwave can so be squeezed as hard as you would like but is pretty pricey. The flip comes in nonelectronic but the electronic is nice and does have the ability to be squeezed as well but only on the sides and is more awkward to hold on comparison to the flex. I honestly dont even use my lovense max 2 anymore its so big and bulky and though it does have contractions it just doesnt do it for me like the others. Hope that helps!!

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