Wanting to get into prostate stimulation, help!

Hey there found out about this site and forums the other night from a friend. I’m a 27 year old male. In the past I had a masturbation sleeve and a basic prostate play toy with a flared based. I enjoyed getting filled up by the prostate toy but hadn’t achieved what I’d say was a prostate orgasm. In the midst of living with my parents and then moving out those toys either got thrown away or lost so I’m due for some new ones. I’ve looked at the Aneros and that seems to be a good one and recommended though I’m open to any suggestions. Currently when I want to stimulate my anus I use my finger or fingers but I don’t think I’ve quite hit the prostate. I’m looking for some toy recommendations and resources to learn more about prostate play!

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Hey JD, welcome to the forum! We’ve got a lot of prostate toys, but can def. suggest a few highlights.

Based on what you posted, I’m guessing you want something with a nice curve to hit your prostate (which is easier to do vs. fingers) and I’d also suggest something with vibration. My partner really enjoys anal play in general, but only really cums when we use vibrating toys, so I think it really helps send you over the edge. Here’s some I’d check out.

  1. Starting at the top range, the Dorcel Deep is really cool because not only does it vibrate and have a nice curve, it actually expands, so if you are looking for something filling you up, it would be a great option: Dorcel Deep Expand Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug | Spectrum Boutique
  2. You mentioned Aneros, not sure it would be my top pick, but if you want to go with that brand, I would def. check out this one: Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager with Remote Control | Spectrum Boutique
  3. This one doesn’t have as much length, but if you aren’t looking for that as much, this is great because it vibrates but also massages your perineum, which feels great as a combo: Svakom Vick Neo App Controlled Prostate and Perineum Massager | Spectrum Boutique
  4. If you want a bigger toy (and super affordable) the Forto F-19 has a great curve, lots of length, and although it does’t vibrate, you could attach a bullet vibe or massage with the loop and get nice vibrations: https://spectrumboutique.com/forto-f-19-curved-silicone-prostate-plug-75179-par.html

Also if it’s been a bit and you need to work up to something bigger, this set is great for pspot play and also hitting the perineum. No vibrations, but still, a great trainer kit.

Also not sure if you’ve tried anal beads before, but if you want to play around with a different sensation, might be something to check out too. It’s not a prostate stimulating toy technically, but still a different and fun sensation for anal play!

Oh, and we just posted a video of the Dorcel in action on Instagram! I just think it’s such a cool toy watching it expand, so had to share: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLr7y4lnpdA/

Nexus has some excellent products for men

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Hey @LisaW ! So I ended up buying the Docel DeepExtend and anal beads from Spectrum. I tried the anal beads first a few days ago. All was fine and it allowed me to warm up to again putting something aside from my finger up my anus. I was able to relax as well too. Last night I used the Dorcel. I had bought a lube shooter off of Amazon, shot lube up, and lubed up the toy. Granted I had a towel down on my bed for mess and then inserted the Dorcel by bringing my legs to my face folded and inserted. I was able to figure out the expansion and vibration (vibration felt amazing) but it seems I had struggle inserting it fully/properly. Should I warm up with anal beads first? Should I use the anal beads first and then get into using the Dorcel, would appreciate any insight you have,


Yay for new toys! I would def warm up some and go slow with the Dorcel. I’m not sure warming up with the anal beads would do too much (since there isn’t much girth there and also anal beads are a different type of sensation), but it would probably relax you at least, so could prep with them in that way. I would use a smaller dildo first to warm up if you have one, or if it works inserting the Dorcel slowly and take your time. Even just using the vibration function against your anus will help you relax some.

You could def. start a play session by using the anal beads first while jacking off, pulling them out near or while orgasming as a round one to warmup, then try inserting Dorcel. I think really the key is go slow with insertion and expansion with the toy, it might be too much for all of it at first and might take a while to build up to that. Also once you get it in a bit, try moving positions a bit which might help it adjust. It might pop out, but sitting up against a towel or wedged against a pillow might help with getting more depth.

Really finding a dildo that you can insert comfortably and ride against for a bit would be best, or finding a plug that is a comfortable amount and sitting with it in to get used to it. And you can always hold the Dorcel with the vibrations on against the base to get some of the vibration too while using the dildo or plug.

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