Pleasure in Pregnancy

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and anything sexual has been a struggle for me. It’s such a wonderful time for sex because everything is so much more sensitive, but I’m too sensitive in some areas and it hurts, or I’m too tired to move, or I can’t get comfortable, and I struggle getting wet. I have tried all sorts of different lubes over the years and they all mess up my vagina. I miss having that closeness with my partner. I know he misses it too, plus he loves my new boobs. :joy: Does anyone have any advice for toys, or gear, or anything at all that could help?

All I can suggest is trial and error. My spouse had different feelings/ emotions for each of our 3 kids. Maybe try some teasing/edging for a few days to build up that excitement.

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I would start by getting your mind turned on, so your body knows it’s time for pleasure. So finding erotica, or porn, or anything that gets the creative erotic juices flowing is best. My favorite erotica are collections from Rachel Kramer Bussel. Short stories to kick your mind into a sexy space, with tons of different scenarios so most people can find something to be into!

Then in terms of lubes I would look into moisturizing formulas like Sliquid Satin, or the Butter Aloe X Shea. The Butters in particular is great for vulva massage to help get more turned on.

But also giving yourself space to not be sexy is ok. Sometimes it’s ok to just not feel sexy. And sometimes it’s ok to kick start our bodies and then ride the pleasure wave once we get more in sync with our selves. It might sound silly but even a nice body massage can help relax you and put you in the mood. I know a foot rub will help me relax and get me started.

Hope this helps!

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