Hands free orgasm

I would like to experience hands free prostate orgasm from anal. Any tips


I’ve got a few toy suggestions perfect for hands-free anal play! I think my biggest tip is lube and personally I think a vibrating toy, especially one with a remote, that you can ride and rock against is the best bet.

Nexus in general has some great prostate toys, but highly suggest any of the Nexus Revo toys. All are similar but slightly different depending on your taste. Both the Slim and Stealth have remotes, which highly suggest for hands-free play. The Intense doesn’t have a remote, so it’s a bit cheaper, but still is really great with the rotating and vibration functions.

Also check out the Nexus Sparta, I like that it has a loop at the base but it has a really cool rollerball mechanism in the shaft, and the base style is also good for rocking.

I’m also a fan of the vibrating plugs that also have cock and/or ball ring attachments. If you have a penis they are fun to use in the more traditional sense, but even if you don’t they are still great because you can use the attached rings to give some leverage while sitting and rocking, or tugging a bit for more movement. These two also both come in under $100, so a bit more cost-friendly than the ones I linked above. Check out the Nexus Simul8 and the Double Game.

And last but not least, if you’re into or want to try out glass toys, the Icicles 84 has a great curve for p-spot play, but I love that it has this nice base and remote. It’s a really nice glass plug for solo play, check it out here: Icicles No.84 Remote Control Rechargeable Glass Plug | Spectrum Boutique