Using Lube and UTIs?

So my partner has been having uncommonly frequent UTIs recently, and it seems like they only happen when we use lube. Because she gets quite wet naturally we only use lube for anal play. We’ve been using Sliquid’s Sassy water-based lube, and she gets a UTI after we use it pretty consistently. Nothing that goes in her butt goes in her vagina afterwards, and we’re generally pretty careful about keeping things separated, so it seems like the lube is to blame. I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and if so, was there a lube that worked better for you? Or is it impossible to get a uti from lube alone, and we’ve misidentified the source? Thanks!

Hmm. So lube itself shouldn’t be the cause of the UTI, at least not Sliquid Sassy, which has some of the cleaner ingredients in a water based lube. I’ve used it for years without issue for both anal and vaginal play. The main offenders in lube that can contribute to UTIs and yeast infections is glycerin or sorbitol, so just watch out for those. But the lube itself is usually just one part of it messing up the flora, not the cause.

Are you using condoms or barriers that are lubricated at all? Sometimes I forget that the condoms I use could have lube that mess with my body.

Even being careful, if it’s happening only with anal play, likely something is getting in your partner’s vaginal area that is causing their flora to react. Vaginas can be so finicky, I feel like mine also gets more reactive depending on my cycle, stress, etc. Your partner can talk to a doctor about getting antibiotics to help or have on hand if it happens, and a lot of folks bulk up on probiotics as well to help preventively. Peeing right after also helps flush things out the fastest way.

I haven’t used it, but heard amazing things about Momotaro’s salve to help aid symptoms if it’s needed as well: Momotaro Apotheca Multi Use Salve | Spectrum Boutique