Sugarless Flavored lube

My partner tends to be senaitive and has problems getting frequent UTIs. She loves flavored lubes but they always cause her issues afrerwards. I remember a story post in the IG Q&A listing off some sugarless options that wete available on the store. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Sure! The Sensuva brand is sugar free, and they have a nice variety of flavor options as well. Easiest way to see all their flavor options is check out our flavored lubes here.

The Sliquid Swirl line at the bottom of that link also are sugar free, but they do use a bit of aspartame to sweeten them. They are currently out of stock, but the blackberry fig flavor is well worth putting on your wishlist because it’s super yummy!

Awesome thank you so much i appreciate the quick response. All of those flavors sound super good

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