It’s fun to experiment/story time

So as I read more about sex and masturbation, I learn that there are more places to feel pleasure then just the pelvic area. There’s erotic places like on the soles of your feet, your hips, your chest and for me personally the nape of my neck.
So I started you know, jerkin it and I had my two vibes in front of me. I was stroking at a slow pace and thought “hey, if girls nipples are sensitive… are mine?” Cause I admit that a few times I’ve tugged and pulled at my chest to see how it feels. Spoilers it feels good. So I decided to put my Ollie to my chest and turn it on. It felt so odd. It felt good and actually turned me on but… there was more to it. It felt good but like different. I’m not sure how to describe it but I felt like… calm? I felt like I didn’t need to chase the climax and just felt like enjoying the feeling.
I kept slowly stroking and feeling the vibrations on my chest and felt just calm and yet needy. I must’ve gone for like a good 40 minutes and my wrist started to hurt. I thought to myself “hey! This feels pretty hot. I know how I want to finish. I’ll lay one vibe under me so I feel it, I put the other vibe on my chest and with my free hand I’ll suck on my fingers!” So I took my hands off myself for like 5 seconds to get the other vibe and I came from zero touching. It wasn’t a massive climax but just a little cum leaked out but with a lot of force. In a split second I decided to put my stringer vibe on my shaft to really ride out the feeling. I thought I came already but as the high set vibe hit my body I instantly came a second time and it was a LOT more intense. Literally my back arched and my eyes rolled back. I felt so god as little whines fell out. It was incredible! If this is what happens when you don’t chase your climax I’m doing more often.

Also small story time. Earlier in this topic I said the back of my neck was very sensual for me. I found this out when I was around 17. All my life I loved to take super hot showers. Like showers so hot my mom was worried I’d burn myself. Some days I’d walk out the shower and looked like the colossal titan lol. I also had a shower head that had a base and a detachable handle head. For many girls this I was the first vibe and the same can be said for me. I remember I would stand under the main shower head and put the detachable part under me so I could feel the water. The longer I stayed in, the more my dream hand would subconsciously turn the water hotter. With the detachable head under me, I would always let the main head brush water at my neck. It sent shivers down my spine as it felt incredible.
I remember one of the most crushing thing I ever read was the super lonely people take really hot showers to simulate another person. This makes a lot of sense cause in the shower I would get super vocal and moan and actually dirty talk and call the water baby and daddy :laughing: and I would always have the water on my back and the second head under me. Looking back it really felt like someone was there with me. I felt like someone was holding me from behind and stroking me and kissing my neck. That’s probably why I dirty talked to the water, in hoping when I open my eyes that someone would be there and talk back. Looking back at those fantasies there both fond and also very saddening memories.


It’s funny, because I’m AFAB, but my nipples are so insensitive! I can pinch and pull at them and barely feel a thing. It’s basically like touching any other traditionally non-erotic body part for me. That’s awesome that you enjoyed your vibe that way! Lately I’ve been thinking about buying the VeDO Yumi vibrator, and now that I think about it, I bet that shape/handle would be convenient for nipple use. It sounds like you had a great time! I love hearing your experimentation stories.

I’m a big fan of hot showers as well! I almost exclusively masturbate under super hot water since it helps calm my cramps (my endometriosis causes cramps and nausea during/after orgasm). I’ve never had a detachable shower head though! It must be really nice. The way you used it does sound incredible.

I can see why those memories feel sad, but on the other hand, you can also look at it as a positive thing! You were able to find comfort and pleasure in a way that helps stimulate touch and warmth. That’s pretty neat! I’m sure you’ll have a loving partner someday to be intimate with. And even then, you may still find comfort in things like hot showers and dirty talking all alone!


Yeah hot showers are great to masterbate in. Really relaxes you and yeah a detachable shower head really feels like something else.

And thanks for saying that. Not gonna like writing that part last night really bummed me out. But I feel better now. Thanks for the kind words :hearts: